About us

Our mission is to save as many animals as we can. The more we grow the more complexes we can build. We want to start with dogs and cats. We will grow to horses, chickens, ducks and many more. We will not stop until we can give as many animals a happy place to live for their lifetime. We will give animals that are involved in natural disasters and give them a place to stay until the owner can return them home. We will work with trainers to help give structure to all the pets. We will have designed areas for pets that may not be friendly to others but still give them a lot of play room and the same grooming and healthcare. Our first mission is to use donations to help parents and temp parents in need of pet health bills. As we grow then we can put our plan in action to starting building our complex. We thank everyone who donates as you are the key to happness!


If you would like to volunteer please contact us via e-mail listed below.

If you are a vet, trainer, groomer or pet supply who wants to be involved please e-mail us and we will set up appointments to get you signed up with us.