Donations are starting to come in and we are working to take care of as many of you as we can. 

Who we are

Help animals find new home

Pawswithfriends is a charity designed to save our friends with paws. Our first mission is to take all donations and help pet parents and forster parents cover vet bills. Our second mission is to build multiple 10 acre complexes as we grow. The 10 acres will be fenced with a tall fence to keep all animals safe. We will include a big barn that will have AC and Heat for when the weather is cold or hot. We will have 150 rooms where there will be beds, toys, bathing station and a drain where waste can be deposited into and filtered out. When the complex is built we will host days where anyone can come and play with all the pets. We will work with local groomers, volunteers and veterinary centers to maintain health and upkeep required for each breed. Most important and dear to our hearts is we will be a non kill rescue. Our goal is to give as many pets a forever home weather that is by adoption or if they stay with us because we dont mind!